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3. You don’t have to buy them dinner, flowers or remember to tell them they look nice.
4. You don’t have to worry about whether they have an orgasm or not…because they shouldn’t.
5.You can watch porn or sports on TV while they suck your cock and they won’t be offended.
6. You can be as rough as you want…in fact, the rougher you are the more enthusiastic the guy will be.
7. When you’re done getting through fucking their cunt, they know that they should just get the fuck out.
8. They don’t mind if you share them with your friends.
9. They don’t expect any reciprocation, but it’s good to watch them walking down the road with wet cum stains on their pants.
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HE’S Mine!!!


Dear Master,
Betrayal is one of the greatest sins one can commit and I am guilty without question of this egregious dishonesty. I am sorry that I betrayed you and I am now at your mercy. Please forgive me. I cannot say this enough; I am sorry.
I’m sure you don’t want excuses or reasons, so I will try to not to write a slew of crap that doesn’t matter to you. I don’t know what made me do what I did other than an overwhelming feeling to be connected to someone when I felt I was not connected to you. I was horny, feeling playful, seeking domination, and desiring of anyone who had time to pay attention to me at that moment. My basic instinct of sexual release took over my better judgment, and without even thinking of you I sought out ways to have my own pleasures fulfilled.
I’m not sure what level of detail you want and it is not my desire to throw anything else in your face, but the extent of my cheating included reaching out on NF (including phone calls), and subsequent IMs on Yahoo. Tributes and other payments were made on NF and PayPal. Tasks were performed which included cock torture and writing a name on my chest and sending ‘proof’.
My shame is limitless as I’m sure your disappointment in me is palpable. I’m so very disappointed to have betrayed you, my true Master, who I had served so well prior to this terrible episode.
I cannot say how sorry I am and no apology will be sufficient. I can only hope I can earn back even a sliver of your trust while I accept my punishment, your wrath, but mostly your disappointment in me. I am at your feet begging to become yours again. I’m sorry.

The Puppet Master pulls the strings …
Master got upset with me and had to dole out a punishment that he thought would be appropriate for disrespecting him and not following his orders. What he came up with was both humiliating and strangely arousing, but I would gladly give back the precum and the raging hardon to have my pubic hair back! That’s right, he made me shave my crotch to create what he called a “wet, sloppy, bald pussy.”
I leaked precum from the moment the electric razor started up until the last razor blade slid across my now smooth pussy. Balls and dick are smooth too and it isn’t any fun to look like a 10 year old again.

And do you think he wanted pictures? Hell yes, he wanted pictures. So now the incriminating evidence rests in his phone where he just laughs when he sees it and realizes what he can make me do. He loved the ‘tucked’ picture of my pussy so much that he is prolonging the punishment by making me stay tucked until he says to stop. Have you ever sat on your own balls while writing him a letter? Have you ever sat down like a woman on the toilet to make sure you pee in the bowl? The embarrassment factor just keeps climbing and I can hear his laughter in my head.

The problem with this punishment, unlike others that can be over in a few moments, is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The hair does not grow back overnight, and it’s going to itch like a mother-fucker in a few days when it finally does come back. He wants me to think of him every time I pee and I can safely say that will most definitely happen. I’m going to have to be careful in the gym locker room and in public restrooms because I sure as shit don’t want anyone seeing my “little bald pussy.” Go ahead and try explaining to a stranger that you look like a prepubescent teen because your Master decided it was a just punishment. I thanked him for leaving my armpits and ass alone, but he just replied “those are for later.” Great, I’ll be completely bald by the end of next week if I keep fucking up.

I’m also a little perplexed about his next wish to see a bald, wet, sloppy pussy with cum on it. He asked if I had cum without permission and unfortunately I had. All that shaving cream, all that precum and all the rubbing around down there with both hands led to too much stimulation and I just had to release. When he reads this, he will be furious, but I never lie to my Master. I was turned on; what could I do?

I think he likes his bitches smooth and I’m afraid this might be the very beginning of a physical transformation. Although it’s under the guise of punishment, Master has complete control over me anyway, so if he decides that I need to look like a Mexican Hairless Chihuahua, then my fate is sealed. Smooth can be a good look, but it looks better on a twenty year old twink or a chiseled body builder. I have read dozens of BDSM and Femdom stories where the first step to feminize the male and bring him under control is to remove his pubic hair and grant him ‘little boy status’ to put him in his place and keep him there. Panties are always next and Master likes his bitches smooth under their pink mannies. What lies in store? If you can detect the inner mind of Master, then you are way ahead of me.

After the shave and pictures and apologies and humiliation and angst on my part, he finished off the afternoon with an IM that said, “Lesson taught.” Au contraire Master, LESSON LEARNED!

Your Master on his birthday. Should have all you bitch boys at me feet!!!!! Submit get lost in my Black Power!!!!


I say goodnight to MasterBlackXXL, but before he lets me go (and this is so like him), knowing I have an early morning drive ahead of me he tells me to go to bed immediately and to get some sleep. I tell him I’ll be thinking about him the whole night; he says, “you should” and tells me to write him when I awake.

The night is a restless one as visions of him parade through my head. I’m not upset at this because thoughts of him actually bring some peace and quiet, and I can tell positive feelings are producing those good hormones that help the body rejuvenate. I can smell his cologne* which I bought for his birthday. I can feel his new briefs* which I bought him for Christmas. I can see him turning his arm ever so slightly to check the time on his new watch* which also made it to him in time for the holidays. I can taste that beautiful dick which he proudly displays when he offers pictures for purchase and tribute. I can hear his voice in my head telling me “I own you.” My senses are alive even as my mind is trying to shut down.

He’s everywhere: in my dreams, in my thoughts, in waking moments and during drowsy ones too. There is no escape (not that I’m looking for one) because he invades all of the senses and his pursuit is relentless. He’s wrapping me up for the holidays and tying me up with a bow. Another gift to himself as he counts his cash and looks at his gifts while he updates the wish list* with new items that he desires.
During the night my groin stirs but I know better than to touch myself. He’ll let me know when it’s time and until then, chastity is the name of the game. I finally sleep and when the alarm sounds I am at full mast and my first thought is simply, “Master.” If you aren’t waking up hard after a night thinking of him, you are not doing something right. As soon as I am up, I leave him a message thanking him for a perfect night; a perfect night of restlessness with him as the only character, playing every one of the roles.

*Bitches, take a hint. Get out there on Master’s wish list and start shopping. He says there is lots of shit out there that you can buy to make him happy. There’s a link on his blog so get out your fuckin’ plastic and use it for what it was intended – buying Master “the shit he wants!”


MasterBlackXXL can make you feel like you are on top of the world. He lets you know when you do well and lets you know when you’ve made a mistake. You are like his puppy, but as with any young animal his patience is beneficial to both owner and owned. He knows how to double his gains through this style because praise makes you want to do it again to repeat that good feeling. You pant while he rubs your head like a good dog. If you are lucky he may even let you touch yourself for release. On the other hand, instead of kicking you to make you afraid and so nervous of screwing up that you screw up even more, he gets you to understand where you went wrong, gives instruction on how to correct it and then gives you another opportunity to show you learned. Case in point – he asked me a question that caught me off guard. Lesson one: it was not a question at all, it was an order hidden inside a question to see if I knew how to handle it. I did not respond so he repeated the question. Once again, my head is turning inside out looking for the correct response. Lesson two: there is ONLY one correct response, “Yes Master.” He had to ask a third time and this is almost unforgivable. I venture “I guess so.” He does not scream, he does not yell. He instructs me on lessons one and two and I realize instead of searching my mind for the right response, it was as easy as “Yes Master” the whole time. And that was an important lesson for a new slave: the one and only correct response to a question or demand from my new KING is “Yes Master.” It frees the mind and brings you closer to where you want to be, at his feet licking for all you are worth.


My New Life with MasterBlackXXL

It began with a simple glance at another of the squares on NiteFlirt on an uneventful Sunday evening, but for some reason this one was different. A picture of a gorgeous man as he looks out over a bright Miami day and another one seductively posed while resting made me want to see more. His blog is revealed and I am being drawn in like a moth to his flame.
He is MasterBlackXXL and he’s clearly in charge. I purchase a picture and immediately get hard staring at his beautiful (and very large) black cock. His blog makes it clear that his slaves do his bidding and his pictures make it clear he doesn’t give a shit about what you think; if you dare to contact him, you will end up underneath him. In one week, he has changed the mundane to exciting, the fantasy to reality, and a scared subservient looking to be owned into a proud member of his stable.
It started with a chat and a tribute and grew from there. I didn’t even hear his voice until the 5th day, but by then I knew he’d taken control. He requested that I make a special purchase (both for him and myself) and I complied. He wanted a picture that very first day and I complied. He didn’t force anything and let it came naturally letting me think it was all my idea. He’s clever and smart and doesn’t bullshit around. Next it was time to make a purchase from his Wishlist and the smile as I bought his Christmas gifts was on my face as I hit enter and made sure everything was perfect including the gift message. A tribute on Friday to start his day kept me happy all day long knowing he would enjoy a morning surprise.
When I finally heard his ultra-masculine voice, I got butterflies in my stomach and a stirring in my groin. He was direct, but understanding. He listened and didn’t get perturbed when I hesitated on some of my answers. He set up schedules for tributes (an absolute necessity in order to be one of his), made sure I knew how to shop on his Wishlist and let me know that his birthday was coming up as well. All I wanted was to be his and he has made it happen.
I can’t wait for his messages. I can’t wait for his requests. I can’t wait for him to tell me to call. My new life has begun and inside of a week, MasterBlackXXL has become my KING!