The KING you SERVE!!

You ask who is HE?  Why do I think of HIM so much? Why I do the things I do for HIM? Am I crazy? Am I hooked on HIM like some drug? Why do I need HIM?  These are all the question you pathetic white losers ask yourself. Let me answer a few….

I’m your King, your Fantasy, your reason for living and breathing. I’m a BBC Master that humiliates loser trick sissy boys. I’m the reason you fags work to support my luxurious and lavish lifestyle. The only thing you are crazy for is to provide, to submit, to become wholly ADDICTED to me. You seek direction, you seek a home, you seek a place to belong, you seek ME. Nothing gives me more pleasure than using and pimping you fuck boys. You crave that scent from thick meat, the touch of my black skin and yearn for the taste of my forbidden fruit.

Master sees you losers looking. Master notices the way you bow your head when I walk by.  Master see you wishing you were the human foot stool holding my KINGLY FEET. I knew I was destined to be the one you serve the very first time I destroyed a white bitches throat, wallet and life.

I’ve seen the thirst from you pig loser bitches all around the world. From my vacations in Paris, London, Germany, the Mediterranean and even the deserts and beaches of South America. Nothing like my good old American bitches.. I’m talking about you Bruiser, my loyal human mutt. My Goon out in LA, My all American Sock bitch in Boston… You bitches adore me while I repudiate your very existence.  Submit, Serve and Supply bitches….



Empty that wallet on My wishlist fag.